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Стрекот кузнечика
~ кино, пайетки и любовь ~
My! My! Time Flies!  
27-дек-2012 08:26 pm
me 2018
Что называется, не вслушивалась и не вчитывалась, а у песни Энии
оказался такой любопытный текст:
My! My! Time Flies!
One step and we're on the Moon,
Next step into the stars.

My! My! Time flies!
Maybe we could be there soon,
A one-way ticket to Mars.

My! My! Time Flies!
A man underneath a tree,
An apple falls on his head.

My! My! Time Flies!
A man wrote a symphony.
It's 1812.

My! My! Time Flies!
Four guys across Abbey Road,
One forgot to wear shoes.

My! My! Time Flies!
A rap on a rhapsody.
A king who's still in the news,
A king to sing you the blues.

My! My! Time flies!
A man in a winter sleigh,
White, white, white as the snow.

My! My! Time flies!
A new day is on it’s way.
So let's let yesterday go!
Could be we step out again,
Could be tomorrow but then
Could be 2010…
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