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Стрекот кузнечика
~ кино, пайетки и любовь ~
Vintage jewelry 
12-янв-2018 11:41 pm
Me August

-A charming mourning ring, with dedication on backside along with the date of 1793. The crown of the ring is a locket, with painted portrait of the woman mourned. The cover glass has light scratches that caught the flash of our camera, but which do not show to the naked eye and the portrait is lovely, only .5" in diameter yet with great detail and personality. Framed in a ring of cobalt blue enamel rimmed in white enamel and set with tiny rose cut diamonds. A superb piece of antique jewelry. The dedication is beautifully engraved and reads, "In Memory of the Rev d William Williams 17 April 1793 At 58 Mrs Sarah Williams Feb 6 1793 At 62", so this one is a memorial piece for 2 individuals. Rare to find these dedicated Georgian mourning rings. @Источник
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